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Live Will Make You Get Down

November 4th 2016, 'Live Will Make You Get Down was released Via Super Sick Records, this collection of six acoustic tracks taken from a casual live performance at Barnstaple's Cove Boutique are some of the most stripped back songs played since Joe was solo.

If I Survive,

I'll Love You For The Rest Of Our Days

The first EP released under the One Man Boycott name (07/2013) this release was a sell out over the first tour that summer. Joined by Frank Rawle on drums/cajon this EP features 3 of the first acoustic tracks for Joe to perform solo and also 2 re-workings proving the intent to evolve past being a solo artist from day one.

The follow up to If I Survive, was released by Joe independently in Dec 2014, shortly after signing to Spectra Records. In another show of intent I'll Love You For The Rest Of Our Days progresses from the first release to feature more of a 'full band' vibe, Brewer utilises full instrumentation and the addition of more dominant synths and this time, Frank returns on full kit.

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