From the start of it all, because I've never fancied using just my name for one reason or another (mainly self-doubt), One Man Boycott was always a place for me to put my music on record.


I grew OMB from a solo artist to a signed, touring band but after losing a vital member in drummer Mikey Morgan then a commitment shift in bassist Tom Hitchins' life meant he wasn't available to play his role in the band, things kinda fell apart in terms of activity just as we had the next release 80/90% finished.


I've spent the last two years struggling with my mental health as an indirect result of this (I'm hoping to post a video covering this fairly soon) with guitarist Lewis Chappell moving away and onto other things, in 2020 I'm jumping back into writing, releasing & hopefully touring again, don't expect it to sound exactly the same as before because I'm working on electronic, acoustic & full band music, but then again One Man Boycott has always been and will always be, me.


I am forever grateful for any and all support you guys have shown me in the past and hopefully continue to show me in the future, I hope you continue to like my music. If you're new here, or even if you're not, check out some of the links up there on the top left - I'll make a new site as soon as I can get to it too.


Joe x